Practice Management

We combine the latest business management knowledge with proven expertise advising over 100 medical practices—including specialists, surgery centers, DME suppliers, radiology centers and more. We use our proprietary GAP analysis to offer strategic advice on everything from EHR/EMR choice to personnel management—your practice unlocks access to lessons learned over 3 decades, over 100 clients.

Medical Billing

Over 30 years of medical billing services, we've learned how to increase the profitability of your practice. We offer a complete system based on a full and customized review of your services, then manage that system and train staff for maximum impact to your bottom line. You gain control with electronic online access, all while watching your profitability finally soar.

Health Plans Enrollment

Enrollment in Managed Care Organizations (MCO's) is both inevitable and hugely important. We offer expert negotiation and navigation of what can otherwise be an extensive and cumbersome enrollment process. From PPO's to HMO's and IPA's—we specialize in MCO contracting and enrollments in Medicare and Medi-Cal Programs. From credentialing packages to contract approvals, we've got you covered.


Increased revenue through our billing services—it's our business model.

Why Billing Services?

We leverage the specialized knowledge of over 30 years working with over 100 medical clients to review, modernize and manage your practice medical billing to increase revenue, maximize profitability, and tighten compliance. You get a more profitable practice, greater access to your data, and the peace of mind that comes with being in the safest possible hands.

Why Billing Services?
How it Works

How it Works

  • 25% typical revenue increase within 6 months
  • Fewer denials and increased collections
  • Guaranteed compliance with all frameworks
  • Meaningful billing reporting for business intelligence
  • Directly receive all payments
  • On-demand, online access to all your records
  • Daily posting of all charges and fees
  • Unpaid charges persistently collected
  • Full training for staff in all systems
  • Fee schedule design for maximum profitability
  • Service design to maximize revenue
  • Full medical coding review for CPT® and ICD® inconsistency
  • Electronic claims submissions and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA's)


Maximizing your practice profitability—it's our business model.

Why Practice Management Consulting?

We'll use our unique GAP analysis process to share over 30 years of lessons garnered from working with over 100 medical practice—combined with comprehensive knowledge of everything from streamlining workflow, to Electronic Health Record system assessment, to management reporting, right through to every aspect of personnel management—including the policies and practices that retain staff and reduce risk.

Why Practice Management Consulting?
How it Works

How it Works

  • Peace of mind that systems are integrated
  • Office efficiency savings increase profit margins
  • Easy, on-demand access to all practice data
  • Higher productivity and satisfaction amongst staff
  • Direct financial assistance negotiation with hospitals
  • Access start-up forgiven loans & financial assistance
  • Shared marketing programs with hospitals
  • Electronic Health Record—independent & expert advice
  • MIPS—Quality Payment Program Reports
  • Increased business intelligence for decision-making
    Review contracts of health plans and assessment of their profitability
  • Eligibility and benefits verification process
  • Data security and patient privacy review
  • Superbills and charge instruction instruments

Enrollment in Health Plans

Saving you time and money in contracting with health plans—it's our expertise.

Why Health Plan Enrollment?

With our help you'll completely understand which MCO's offer best value in every sense—including patient load and profitability. We'll navigate the system and negotiate favorable contracts using our over 30 year expertise. We'll prepare impeccable credential packages, negotiate favorable terms, and follow up enrollment to final approval.

Why Health Plan Enrollment?
How it Works

How it Works

  • Maximized patient load and profitability
  • Complete clarity on MCO features and pitfalls
  • Experts negotiating on your behalf with MCO's
  • Huge bottom-line savings in all new contracts
  • Peace of mind around smooth enrollment and approval
  • Full connection with most of the MCO's (PPO's, Health Plans, IPA's)
  • Medicare and Medi-Cal enrollment
  • MCO suitability audit to ensure maximum profit
  • Individualized contract negotiation for huge savings
  • Credentialing packages easily prepared for you