For most Payors, our fee is a percentage of clients' gross receipts. This percentage is determined by the specialty and size of the practice as well as the type of services that we're asked to provide. Medical billing companies generally charge anywhere from 6% to 8% of their collection for their medical billing services and we are very competitive within this range.

You're not alone! This concern is very valid. Over the more than 30 years we've been serving clients, we've learned to anticipate and plan for every problem and concern. The questions and answers below outline the most common concerns for practices when outsourcing their billing.

The setup of your database at our end takes no more than five business daysˇXand we can start sending your claims any time after that. However, electronic billing may take 1 to 3 weeks depending on the Payor.

As soon as we begin our working relationship, an account specialist will be assigned to your practice. You'll get acquainted directly, and they'll always answer your emails and calls. In the absence of your account specialist, during our working hours, you'll be directed to another specialist who's fully knowledgeable about your account. We always provide prompt and friendly service to all clients. If you're more comfortable using email, you also have the option to reach anyone of our staff through e-mail and of course our email system is 100% HIPAA compliant.

All payments are sent to you directly at any address that you nominate. Just provide us with the EOBs on a weekly basis, and we'll update the patient account in your system.

Our servers are cloud-based, so they're always online and available. We run multiple independent backups of our entire system on a daily basis to be able to fully retrieve your data if the need ever arises. Our servers are protected by the latest virus protection software, firewalls and other security devices to protect your data from viruses, worms and other threats. And of course, our data storage and management is 100% HIPAA compliant.

There's virtually no limit to the kinds of reports you can receive. Depending on your customized needs, we can prepare any type of report you wish. Over more than 30 years we've also learned how to report on the lifeblood of any practice, and have developed a monthly standard report which is easy to read and includes payments collected, charges billed, and adjustmentsˇXas well as patient balances.

We use Cal-Med (http://cal-med.com/) and Prime Clinical Systems (http://www.primeclinical.com/) for our medical billing and collection services.


The Top Seven Concerns of Practices When Outsourcing Billing


How will outsourcing affect my workflow?

Outsourcing will have a hugely positive effect! Upon commencement of our services, we'll study your current workflow, identify areas that need improvement andˇXupon your approvalˇXrevise your workflow accordingly. Over 30 years and over 100 clientsˇXthe results have always been a smoother workflow.


How do I directly obtain access to my billing systemˇXsuch as when collecting old patient balances at the time the patient is at the office?

You do it on-demand, and with more convenience than ever before. We provide your office with a unique username and password to log into your billing system via internet 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.


How can I be assured that the proper attention is given to my billing operation when outsourcing?

Simply put, we don't get paid unless you get paid! This provides us with an additional incentive to stay on top of your billing and make sure that no single claim is left unprocessed. Collection of unpaid charges is one of the most important parts of the whole billing and collection process. We have an excellent record in this areaˇXindeed it's one of our strongest points.


Outsourcing appears to be uncomfortableˇXit goes against what we've always done in the past!

You're not alone in this concern. Most practices, despite their unhappiness about their current situation, have hesitations in outsourcing their billing services. Fear of the unknown is the major deterrent to outsourcing. We've successfully converted over 20 practices from in-house billing to outsourcing, and have substantial experience in this area. We help you through the whole transition process. We'll be by your side to ensure a smooth and effortless transition period.


Who's going to train my staff to implement the system at our office?!

We'll train them! We believe any billing system can only produce results when implemented by motivated and qualified staff. Our training program encompasses both technical and motivational components.


Outsourcing seems expensive.

The average increase in our client's revenue far outweighs their billing costsˇXyou can rely on a massive return on investment, that's why over 20 practices have outsourced their billing with us since 1987.


How are documents exchanged between my practice and your office?

We exchange documents 100% securely and in accordance with all compliance requirements, using 3 methods:

  1. Electronically: For clients who wish to utilize EMR/EHR software.
  2. Via courier: We've developed a convenient pick-up and delivery system for clients. On a weekly basis we pick up your work and deliver your completed work via in-house courier.
  3. USPS/UPS/FedEx: Some of our clients also prefer to send their work via USPS/UPS/FedEx. Throughout the years these systems have worked perfectly.

Increase your medical practice revenueˇXwith more peace of mind.

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